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We Are All In This Together: Joint Authorship Under the Copyright ActChapter Meeting05/21/20View details
Creative Commons and Free LicensesChapter Meeting04/23/20View details
Fun, Games & Legal Claims: Exploring the Intersection of Copyright in Video GamesMid-Winter Meeting02/15/20View details
Crafting the Key to the Courthouse: Evolving Standards and Strategies for Registering and Litigating Ownership of CopyrightMid-Winter Meeting02/15/20View details
Catching up on the CASE Act: A New Path Forward for Small Copyright ClaimsMid-Winter Meeting02/15/20View details
New Frameworks for Protecting Indigenous Cultural ExpressionsMid-Winter Meeting02/14/20View details
International Challenges and Developments in the Digital Music Space: The DSM, The MMA, and The Value GapMid-Winter Meeting02/14/20View details
Open Innovation, Open Access, and Open Source: How Copyright Can Facilitate SharingMid-Winter Meeting02/14/20View details
Law & Policy Track - Digital First Sale- The Law and the MarketCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Technology Track - Image Copyright Enforcement TechnologiesCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Technology Track - The Music Modernization Act- Implementation of the Mechanical Licensing CollectiveCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Law & Policy Track - The Future of Digital Materials in LibrariesCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Law & Policy Track - Licensing Issues for Non-Musical AudioCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Technology Track - AI and Copyright- Text and Data MiningCopyright & Technology Conference01/15/20View details
Copyright Through the Lens of Artificial IntelligenceChapter Meeting12/12/19View details
Brace Lecture 2018- "Copyright Law and Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Issues"Brace Lecture11/05/19View details
Brace Lecture 2019 Brace Lecture11/03/19View details
Small Ticket Items: Strategic & Ethical Considerations for Copyright Claims of Small Monetary ValueChapter Meeting09/12/19View details
First Sale, The Right of Reproduction, and Redigi: Where Are We Now? And Where Do We Go From Here?Annual Meeting06/11/19View details
Copyright Issues in a Data Driven EconomyAnnual Meeting06/11/19View details
A View from the Inside: In-House Counsel Discuss Their Copyright Law PrioritiesAnnual Meeting06/11/19View details
International Chapter Luncheon- Its All in the Contract - or Is ItAnnual Meeting06/09/19View details
Leveling Up in Video Game CopyrightChapter Meeting05/30/19View details
Use of Experts in Copyright CasesChapter Meeting04/11/19View details
Inside Out - The Copyright Issues that Matter to In-House CounselChapter Meeting03/21/19View details
SCOTUS Copyright Double PlayChapter Meeting03/21/19View details
Artificial Intelligence Creating New Protectable Works- The Future of CopyrightChapter Meeting03/19/19View details
The Music Modernization Act Featuring Dina LaPolt and Michelle LewisChapter Meeting02/21/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Content Ownership, Blockchains, and DRMSpecial Event02/16/19View details
The EU's Digital Single Market AgendaMid-Winter Meeting02/02/19View details
The Interplay Between Rights of Publicity and CopyrightMid-Winter Meeting02/01/19View details
The Music Modernization Act--An Oral HistoryMid-Winter Meeting02/01/19View details
Rock of Aging--Music Artist Estates and PlanningMid-Winter Meeting02/01/19View details
There's No Crying in Counterstrike!Mid-Winter Meeting02/01/19View details
Music Case Law Round-UpMid-Winter Meeting02/01/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Plenary Presentation -The Open Music InitiativeSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Is 13 an Unlucky Number? Effects of the EU Copyright DirectiveSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Keynote AddressSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Opening RemarksSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Rational Approaches to Online Image LicensingSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Copyright Office Updates: DMCA and MMASpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: The Future of Music Mechanical LicensingSpecial Event01/16/19View details
Tech Conference 2019: Copyright Liability for Online Service Providers Special Event01/16/19View details
The Ethics of Copyright Trolling (and more) Chapter Meeting12/13/18View details
A Copyright Séance - Do United States Copyrights Have an Afterlife in EuropeChapter Meeting11/01/18View details
Raiders of the Lost Act- An Adventure into Dark Corners of the Copyright ActChapter Meeting10/30/18View details
Based on a True Story - Demystifying Life Rights and Copyright in the Golden Age of ContentChapter Meeting08/31/18View details
Annual Round Up of CasesAnnual Meeting06/10/18View details
So You Think You're a Copyright LawyerAnnual Meeting06/10/18View details
The Great Copyright DebateAnnual Meeting06/10/18View details
Recent Developments in Music Law & LicensingAnnual Meeting06/10/18View details
Artificial Intelligence and Copyright: The Rise of the MachinesAnnual Meeting06/10/18View details
Best Practices and Lessons Learned in Digital Image LicensingChapter Meeting05/30/18View details
How Blockchain Technology May Impact Copyright Permissions, Prohibitions and ObligationsChapter Meeting04/11/18View details
Linking, Embedding and Liability--The Evolving State of the LawChapter Meeting03/14/18View details
Roll Over, Beethoven! Artificial Intelligence Creating Protectable Artistic Works: The Future of Copyright?Chapter Meeting02/15/18View details
Cuban Copyright Law and Related Trade RegulationsMid-Winter Meeting02/03/18View details
Innovation, Indemnification, and InsuranceMid-Winter Meeting02/03/18View details
Strategic Issues in Adopting Guidelines on Unobjectionable FanworksMid-Winter Meeting02/03/18View details
Get it Live, Get it Anywhere, But Get it Legally: The Challenge of Protecting Copyrighted Works in an Era of Live StreamingMid-Winter Meeting02/02/18View details
International RoundupMid-Winter Meeting02/02/18View details
Public Art as ProvocateurMid-Winter Meeting02/02/18View details
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Software Protection in the Post-Alice EraSpecial Event01/16/18View details
Law and Policy Track - Beyond Monkeys: Artificial Intelligence and CopyrightCopyright & Technology Conference01/16/18View details
Research Presentation: The Truth about Black Box Music RoyaltiesCopyright & Technology Conference01/16/18View details
Law and Policy Track - Driven to Exhaustion: The Future of Digital First SaleCopyright & Technology Conference01/16/18View details
Law and Policy Track - Fugitive Justice: Can Courts Help Scientific Publishers with Their Sci-Hub Problems?Copyright & Technology Conference01/16/18View details
Technology Track - Match Game: The Problem of Matching Music Recordings to CompositionsCopyright & Technology Conference01/16/18View details
Open Sesame: Legal and Practical Insights into Open Source SoftwareChapter Meeting12/08/17View details
Drawing the LineChapter Meeting09/27/17View details
The 411 About Internet of Things (IoT) DataAnnual Meeting06/06/17View details
Sis boom bah? Should Makers of Useful Articles Be Cheering About Star Athletica?Annual Meeting06/06/17View details
Sound + Vision: Challenges in Evaluating Substantial Similarity of Musical WorksAnnual Meeting06/05/17View details
Annual Round-Up of CasesAnnual Meeting06/05/17View details
Importing Fair Use: The Israeli ExperienceChapter Meeting06/04/17View details
Developments in Secondary Copyright LiabilityChapter Meeting05/04/17View details
Copyright, Dance & ChoreographyChapter Meeting04/24/17View details
TMI About CMI: The Rash of Recent Claims Under Section 1202 Regarding Removal of Mid-Winter Meeting02/11/17View details
Lawful, Awful or Artful: Perspectives on Public ArtMid-Winter Meeting02/11/17View details
The EU Copyright Package: Platform Liability and Text and Data MiningMid-Winter Meeting02/11/17View details
The Safe Harbor�s Choppy Waters: Developments in Section 512 PracticeMid-Winter Meeting02/10/17View details
Strategic Options When Prosecuting or Defending Copyright Litigation and When Navigating the Fair Use QuagmireMid-Winter Meeting02/10/17View details
The Wright Stuff: A Guide to Video Gaming LawMid-Winter Meeting02/10/17View details
The Entrenched Irrationality of Statutory Damages in U.S. Copyright LawMid-Winter Meeting02/10/17View details
Copyright in the EU: The Role and Influence of the European Court of JusticeMid-Winter Meeting02/09/17View details
Technology Track - Never Break the Blockchain: Blockchain Technology for the Music IndustryCopyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
Technology Track - Money Changes Everything: Accountability and Transparency in Music Royalty ProcessingCopyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
Technology Track - Locks and Books: Whither Digital Rights Management in Book Publishing?Copyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
Law and Policy - Circumventing the Future: The Fate of Section 1201Copyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
Law and Policy - Virtually Copyright: How Does Copyright Affect Virtual and Augmented Reality?Copyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
Law and Policy - License Agreements: Art or Science?Copyright & Technology Conference01/24/17View details
The Fourty-Sixth Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: Expanding Fair Use: The Trouble with Parody, the Case for SatireBrace Lecture11/17/16View details
The Big Deal About Copyright Small ClaimsChapter Meeting09/21/16View details
Singled Out: Does Copyright Law Treat Music Differently?Chapter Meeting09/21/16View details
Begged, Borrowed or Stolen: How Musicology Shapes Copyright Infringement ClaimsChapter Meeting09/15/16View details
ALI Restatement of the Law of Copyright: The Process, Policy and Significance of Re-Stating the LawAnnual Meeting06/14/16View details
Universities and Copyright: A View from the Ivory TrenchesAnnual Meeting06/14/16View details
The Ever-Increasing Creep of Privacy into the World of Copyright and Content Users and OwnersAnnual Meeting06/14/16View details
View from the U.S. Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/13/16View details
Rethinking the Publishing Agreement: Grants, Rights and Responsibilities in the 21st CenturyAnnual Meeting06/13/16View details
Annual Round-Up of CasesAnnual Meeting06/13/16View details
The Cool Side of Copyright LawChapter Meeting05/17/16View details
Supreme Court Series: Kirtsaeng and Cuozzo Post-Argument DiscussionChapter Meeting04/25/16View details
Business and Legal Issues in International Film and Television DistributionChapter Meeting04/19/16View details
The 25th Anniversary of Feist: A Discussion of Copyrightable Subject Matter and Copyright Registration PracticeChapter Meeting04/06/16View details
Copyright+Choreography: Copyright Issues Affecting Dance Companies, Choreographers and DancersChapter Meeting04/05/16View details
Brown Bag Lunch: Music Licensing 101Chapter Meeting04/05/16View details
Challenging Copyright in the World's Most Popular Song: A Review of the Happy Birthday Litigation by the Professor Who Inspired ItChapter Meeting04/04/16View details
Copyright Challenges of Commercialized User-Generated ContentChapter Meeting03/22/16View details
Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages: A Presentation of the U.S. Patent & Trademark OfficeChapter Meeting03/22/16View details
Software Licenses in Today’s World: A Software Licensing Workshop Chapter Meeting03/09/16View details
Legislative and Regulatory UpdateMid-Winter Meeting02/13/16View details
A Lenz into the Future: The State of Takedowns for 2016Mid-Winter Meeting02/13/16View details
The Times They Are A-Changin’: 3D Printing and Digital Video in the Age of Body Cams and PeriscopeMid-Winter Meeting02/13/16View details
The Ownership of Copyrightable Contributions in the Wake of Garcia v. Google and 16 Casa Duse v. MerkinMid-Winter Meeting02/12/16View details
Local Artists and CopyrightMid-Winter Meeting02/12/16View details
Student and Practitioner Viewpoints: A Dual Perspective Look at Recent Copyright CasesMid-Winter Meeting02/12/16View details
Keynote AddressCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Presentation: Notice and Takedown in Everyday Practice: Robots, Artisans, and the Fight to Protect Copyrights, Expression and Competition on the InternetCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Presentation: Incorporating Piracy Data into Everyday BusinessCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Law and Policy Track - Pleasures of the Harbor: DMCA Safe Harbor EligibilityCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Technology Track - From Takedown to StaydownCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Law and Policy Track - Collective Licensing: The Future of the ASCAP/BMI Consent DecreesCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Law and Policy Track - Mass Digitization: Progress, Goals, and RoadblocksCopyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Technology Track - The Importance of Copyright Management Information Copyright & Technology Conference01/19/16View details
Termination of Copyright Interests: Legal Updates and Practical DevelopmentsChapter Meeting12/03/15View details
Maybe Not Fair Use? Maybe Not a Problem: The Many (Other) Defenses Against Copyright InfringementChapter Meeting11/19/15View details
12th Annual Christopher A. Meyer Memorial Lecture: The Landscape of American Cultural Production, 1978-2012: A Quantitative Look Through the Lens of Copyright RegistrationsSpecial Event11/17/15View details
I Created It But Do I Own It? The Impacts of 16 Casa Duse v. Merkin and Garcia v. Google by Eleanor LackmanChapter Meeting11/13/15View details
The Forty-Fifth Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: Reconceptualizing Copyright’s Merger DoctrineBrace Lecture11/03/15View details
Protecting Superheroes: Copyright & Comic Book Characters Chapter Meeting10/14/15View details
Copyright and Collaborative Works: Important Lessons from Recent CasesChapter Meeting09/24/15View details
Rip-Off or Fair Use? Does Copyright Law Adequately Protect Photography and the Visual Arts?Chapter Meeting08/06/15View details
Blurred Lines & Bright Lines: Copyright Lessons from the Blurred Lines TrialChapter Meeting07/08/15View details
Say What? The Newly Cooperative Online Landscape Annual Meeting06/09/15View details
Copyright on the Street: Preserving Graffiti and Art in Public SpacesAnnual Meeting06/09/15View details
When the World Didn't Come to an EndAnnual Meeting06/09/15View details
Annual Round-Up of CasesAnnual Meeting06/08/15View details
Ethics and Covert Investigation: Thorny Issues that Only Grow More Dangerous in the Internet Age Annual Meeting06/08/15View details
2015 Excellence in Creativity Award: Stephen SchwartzAnnual Meeting06/08/15View details
The View from the Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/08/15View details
The International Copyright Scene: A View from WIPOAnnual Meeting06/07/15View details
Copyright at the Edge: Defining CopyrightabilityChapter Meeting05/21/15View details
Design Patents—Protections & EnforcementChapter Meeting04/27/15View details
Old Agreements + New Media = Big Issues?Chapter Meeting04/22/15View details
Copyright Office Modernization and Autonomy: What’s on the Agenda?Chapter Meeting04/01/15View details
Aereo Now: Digital Disruption or Business as Usual?Chapter Meeting03/18/15View details
The Raging Bull Decision (Almost) One Year Later: Copyright Limitations & LachesChapter Meeting03/05/15View details
Designing a Greater System of Protection for Fashion: The Future of Fashion LawChapter Meeting02/19/15View details
Preservation of Sound Recordings and Film Materials Mid-Winter Meeting02/14/15View details
Recent Copyright DevelopmentsMid-Winter Meeting02/14/15View details
Copyright Reform Without Reforming the Copyright Act?Mid-Winter Meeting02/14/15View details
Copyright Reform: Overview, Insights and Perspectives on "The Great New Copyright Act"Mid-Winter Meeting02/13/15View details
Pre-1972 Sound RecordingsMid-Winter Meeting02/13/15View details
Visual Works and the Elusive Exclusive Right To DisplayMid-Winter Meeting02/13/15View details
The State of PROs and Collective LicensingMid-Winter Meeting02/13/15View details
Coming to an Auction House Near You? The Revived Debate Over Art Resale RoyaltiesChapter Meeting01/15/15View details
Fair Compensation or a Pandora’s Box? Pre-1972 Sound Recordings & Streaming RadioChapter Meeting12/11/14View details
The Forty-Fourth Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: Copyright Damages: A View From the BenchBrace Lecture11/03/14View details
Spiders and Scraping and Bots, Oh My! Datanomics, Copyright, and Legal LiabilityChapter Meeting10/27/14View details
Separating Rights from Wrongs: The Ethics of EnforcementChapter Meeting09/24/14View details
The 21st-Century Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/10/14View details
Keynote Speaker: Congresswomen Judy Chu (D-CA)Annual Meeting06/10/14View details
Recent Developments in Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/10/14View details
Digital First SaleAnnual Meeting06/10/14View details
The View from the Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/09/14View details
Transformation of Transformative UseAnnual Meeting06/09/14View details
International Copyright DevelopmentsAnnual Meeting06/09/14View details
Keynote Speaker: Beth Brinkmann, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil DivisionAnnual Meeting06/09/14View details
Crowd-Sourced Editorial Content and Fan ProductionsAnnual Meeting06/09/14View details
Aereo: In the Wake of the Supreme Court ArgumentChapter Meeting05/01/14View details
Show Me the Money: The Essentials of Valuation of Copyrights in Transactions & LitigationChapter Meeting04/24/14View details
Music & Copyright: Everything Old is New AgainChapter Meeting04/09/14View details
If I Ran the Zoo: Probing the Contours of “The Next Great Copyright Act”Chapter Meeting03/26/14View details
Music Licensing & Copyright Infringement in the Age of Apps & Auto-Tune: Strategies for Avoiding New Risks in Licensing, Selecting, and Commissioning MusicChapter Meeting03/18/14View details
The Nuts and Bolts of Music Publishing: A One-Hour PrimerChapter Meeting02/25/14View details
The Future of Fair Use After the Authors Guild, Inc. v. GoogleMid-Winter Meeting02/07/14View details
A Tale of Two Consent DecreesMid-Winter Meeting02/07/14View details
Whither Are Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Bound (And Does SiriusXM Need to Pay to Play Bieber but Not the Beatles)?Mid-Winter Meeting02/07/14View details
Beg, Borrow or Steal -- Appropriation Art, Fair Use or Infringement Most Foul?Mid-Winter Meeting02/07/14View details
Current Issues in International Copyright Law: Latin America and BeyondMid-Winter Meeting02/06/14View details
The Copyright Misuse Doctrine: Useful or Misused? Mid-Winter Meeting02/06/14View details
The Raging Debate About LachesMid-Winter Meeting02/06/14View details
Copyright and the Changing Political Environment in Washington: A View from the InsideChapter Meeting01/14/14View details
Ethics for the Busy (Possibly Too Busy?) LawyerChapter Meeting12/10/13View details
U.S. Copyright Office's Report On Copyright Small Claims: Some Big Thoughts about Small Cases Chapter Meeting11/18/13View details
The Forty-Third Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: From Paralysis to Progress: The (Useful) Art of Copyright Pragmatism Brace Lecture11/03/13View details
Content Aggregation: Fair Use or a Use Too Far?Chapter Meeting10/24/13View details
A Conversation with Rep. Howard Berman on the Past and Future of Copyright LegislationChapter Meeting10/08/13View details
Beyond Berne and Borders: The Cross-Border Harmonization (or Not) of Digital Music RightsChapter Meeting08/31/13View details
Please Excuse the Following Disruption: The Past, Present and Possible Future of Television and Radio Copyright LitigationAnnual Meeting06/11/13View details
Current Developments in Criminal Copyright EnforcementAnnual Meeting06/11/13View details
Books and Bytes: A Discussion of The Authors Guild v. HathiTrust with the Attorneys and Parties Directly InvolvedAnnual Meeting06/11/13View details
The View from the Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/10/13View details
We Want...a Shrubbery!!! Kelley v. Chicago Park District and Renewed Consideration of Authorship and Fixation Under Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/10/13View details
Recent Developments in Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/10/13View details
Making the Digital DealAnnual Meeting06/10/13View details
A Matter of Import: The Supreme Court's Kirtsaeng DecisionChapter Meeting04/30/13View details
Game On! Videogame Clones and Killer IPChapter Meeting03/22/13View details
International Developments in Copyright Law: An UpdateChapter Meeting03/12/13View details
International Developments: New Directions for Copyright?Mid-Winter Meeting02/16/13View details
New Perspectives on the First Sale DoctrineMid-Winter Meeting02/16/13View details
Copyright, Ethics & Social Media: What the Connected Lawyer Needs to Know Mid-Winter Meeting02/16/13View details
Library and Education Exceptions in the U.S. and CanadaMid-Winter Meeting02/15/13View details
User-Generated Content & Social MediaMid-Winter Meeting02/15/13View details
The View from the Copyright OfficeMid-Winter Meeting02/15/13View details
What You Need to Know NOW About Video Game LawMid-Winter Meeting02/15/13View details
The Forty-Second Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: Rethinking Copyright Enforcement for the Internet AgeBrace Lecture01/31/13View details
Look Before You Tweet (or Post, or Pin): Copyright Enforcement (or Not) in Social MediaChapter Meeting01/22/13View details
Television and Disruptive Technologies: Copyright's New FrontierChapter Meeting12/11/12View details
Hot Links: After Flava Works, Will Linking Burn You?Chapter Meeting11/12/12View details
The Tenth Annual Christopher A. Meyer Memorial Lecture: The Google Books Litigation and the Aftermath Special Event10/16/12View details
Copyright Law as the Blueprint of the Music IndustryChapter Meeting09/27/12View details
Basic Ethics for the Negotiating LawyerChapter Meeting09/24/12View details
Copyright Crazy: Canadian Copyright Law in TransitionChapter Meeting09/13/12View details
The Politics of CopyrightAnnual Meeting06/12/12View details
Section 115 Negotiation and Agreement: New Rates, Terms, and Digital Music ServicesAnnual Meeting06/12/12View details
The Evolution of Digital Media and Its Inevitable Entanglement with the Rights of Copyright OwnersAnnual Meeting06/12/12View details
The View from the Copyright OfficeAnnual Meeting06/11/12View details
Fair Use: From Safe Harbor to Dangerous WatersAnnual Meeting06/11/12View details
Recent Developments in Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/11/12View details
Enter the Third Dimension (Whether You Like It or Not): The Practical and Legal Ramifications of 3D PrintingChapter Meeting04/16/12View details
The SOPA OperaChapter Meeting02/28/12View details
How Public is the Public Domain? Mid-Winter Meeting02/04/12View details
Pitching Music for Film and Television: Agreements with Reps and PublishersMid-Winter Meeting02/04/12View details
Registration & Recordation in the 21st CenturyMid-Winter Meeting02/04/12View details
End of the Road? Copyright Termination in the Music, Literary, Fine Arts, Motion Picture and Television IndustriesMid-Winter Meeting02/03/12View details
2012 Excellence in Creativity Award: Aaron SorkinMid-Winter Meeting02/03/12View details
Bonjour! Bonjour! The Internet World Tour! Mid-Winter Meeting02/03/12View details
Theft of Idea Cases After Montz v. Pilgrim FilmsMid-Winter Meeting02/03/12View details
Music Licensing in Today’s WorldMid-Winter Meeting02/03/12View details
The Future of Digital Licensing: Still Door-To-Door or One-Stop-Shop?Chapter Meeting01/24/12View details
Appropriation Art: Good Artist Borrow, Great Artists Steal (and Sometimes Get Sued)Chapter Meeting12/15/11View details
Crossing the Line? A Discussion of Ethical Issues in Copyright MattersChapter Meeting10/27/11View details
Copyright and Content in the CloudChapter Meeting09/15/11View details
Copyright Restoration: The Supreme Court Battle on the Constitutionality of the URAAAnnual Meeting06/07/11View details
Recent Developments in Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/07/11View details
Massive Attack: Analyzing Mass Copyright Infringement CampaignsAnnual Meeting06/07/11View details
Hot-Blooded: The Debate Over Sound Recordings as Works Made for HireAnnual Meeting06/06/11View details
To Reform or Not to Reform: That Is the QuestionAnnual Meeting06/06/11View details
What's Hot in Copyright for Video Games?Chapter Meeting04/27/11View details
Divvying Up the Digital Pie: The Fight Over Music Download & E-Book Royalties Just Got HotterChapter Meeting04/10/11View details
You Bought It, But Do You Own It: First Impression In First Sale?Chapter Meeting03/16/11View details
Protecting Intellectual Property in the Social Media AgeSpecial Event02/23/11View details
EBOOKS: Kindling for a New Era of Book PublishingChapter Meeting02/22/11View details
Is Copyright Law Harming or Helping the Music Industry?Chapter Meeting02/17/11View details
Performance LiveMid-Winter Meeting02/05/11View details
Copyright: What Is It Good for? Open Source, Social Media, and the Role of Copyright
Mid-Winter Meeting02/05/11View details
“You’re an Original, Baby!” Mid-Winter Meeting02/04/11View details
Innovation, Technology and Copyright: New Directions for the FutureMid-Winter Meeting02/04/11View details
Life of a Creative Project: Collaboration from Concept to Copyright
Mid-Winter Meeting02/04/11View details
Cutting Edge: What's Hot and New in Copyright Mid-Winter Meeting02/04/11View details
Politically Incorrect? Fair Use and Copyright for Songs in Political CampaignsChapter Meeting01/11/11View details
The Elusive Termination Right: Where Does It Stand? Chapter Meeting12/13/10View details
Why Viacom V. YouTube Matters (Besides the $1 Billion) Chapter Meeting11/18/10View details
Beg, Borrow, or Steal? Exploring Practical Solutions to the Music Sampling DebateChapter Meeting10/18/10View details
Red Skies In The Morning: Legal Ethics at the Dawn of Cloud ComputingChapter Meeting09/23/10View details
Section 512 Today and Tomorrow: User-Generated Content, Hot News, App Stores, Mobile Platforms and the Future of the DMCA Safe Harbor?Annual Meeting06/15/10View details
Recent Developments in Copyright LawAnnual Meeting06/15/10View details
Copyright’s F-Word: Reconsidering the Role of Formalities in CopyrightAnnual Meeting06/14/10View details
Statutory Damages Under Siege: Constitutional and Other Limits on Section 504(c)Annual Meeting06/14/10View details
CopyRight and Risk in Film PracticeChapter Meeting04/29/10View details
Copyright to the RescueChapter Meeting04/13/10View details
Royalties and Rip Offs!Chapter Meeting03/18/10View details
Fan Wars: Copyright vs. Mash-ups and Fan FictionChapter Meeting02/24/10View details
How to Make Money in the Cloud -- Creative New Business Paradigms on the InternetMid-Winter Meeting02/06/10View details
Copyright Law UpdateMid-Winter Meeting02/06/10View details
The Copyright Enforcement Wars --- Is a Truce in Sight?Mid-Winter Meeting02/05/10View details
Copyrights in the Cloud --- Social Networking and Fair UseMid-Winter Meeting02/05/10View details
RealDVD or Steal DVD?Chapter Meeting01/12/10View details
$80,000 a Song?Chapter Meeting11/18/09View details
Jefferson's Moose in CyberspaceChapter Meeting10/22/09View details
The Rules, They are A-Changin'Chapter Meeting09/23/09View details
Google Books: Stay in Class or Check Out of the Library?Chapter Meeting08/12/09View details
The Sweet Smell of Copyright ProtectionChapter Meeting04/22/09View details
Wrapping Your Head Around 360 DealsChapter Meeting04/07/09View details
The Year of the WidgetChapter Meeting03/19/09View details
Imagine: A Dancing Baby and the Encyclopedia of Fair UseChapter Meeting02/26/09View details
TRIP-ping the Light Bilateral: U.S. Israeli Recording Performance RightsChapter Meeting02/23/09View details
Snapfu: Picturing the Law on Photographs of Preexisting WorksChapter Meeting01/14/09View details
Does Making Available = Making Infringement? Chapter Meeting12/10/08View details
Sounding Board: The Latest Copyright Royalty Board Decision Chapter Meeting10/31/08View details
Cablevision: Buffered from Infringement? Chapter Meeting10/30/08View details
When Good Ethics Go BadChapter Meeting09/12/08View details
“Hey, I Wrote That!”: Revisiting Joint AuthorshipChapter Meeting05/05/08View details
Music Licensing on the Internet 101Chapter Meeting04/28/08View details
The 10th Anniversary of the DMCA, Part 2: Is Section 512 a Safe Harbor in the Sea of User-Generated Content?Chapter Meeting04/22/08View details
The Tenth Anniversary of the DMCA, Part 1: Do We Digg DRM? Chapter Meeting03/26/08View details
Get a Second Life -- Copyright in Virtual WorldsChapter Meeting02/27/08View details
Back to Basics: Rethinking Copyright -- Property or MonopolyChapter Meeting01/24/08View details
Keeping Up with the Music: Thorny Issues from the 'Wild West' of Digital MusicChapter Meeting12/06/07View details
The Thirty-Seventh Annual Donald C. Brace Memorial Lecture: Copyright Injunctions and Fair UseBrace Lecture11/12/07View details
Secondary Liability in a Perfect 10 WorldChapter Meeting10/11/07View details
Walking the Ethics TightropeChapter Meeting09/28/07View details
Plagiarism: From the DaVinci Code Controversy to the Classroom Annual Meeting06/11/07View details
Infringement Is Easy -- Comedy Is Hard: Comedy and Copyright Chapter Meeting05/15/07View details
Koons Wins One!: Photography, Visual Arts and Fair Use RevistedChapter Meeting03/28/07View details
Brave New Space-Shifted WorldChapter Meeting02/13/07View details
Do-It-Yourself Copyright Issues -- The Rise of User-Generated ContentChapter Meeting12/07/06View details
What Did Grokster Say Again? How Inducement Has Changed Things Chapter Meeting11/16/06View details
Imperfect 10? -- A Discussion of the Display Right from Kelly to Perfect 10Chapter Meeting10/17/06View details