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Session Name: Please Excuse the Following Disruption: The Past, Present and Possible Future of Television and Radio Copyright Litigation
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/11/13
Description: In copyright circles today there is a substantial focus upon the relatively recent Cablevision case and ongoing litigations like Aereo and DishTV, but these are neither the beginning nor (likely) the end of the road for litigation relating to the distribution or redistribution of audio and audiovisual content. Indeed, these cases are part of a continuum of cases stretching back at least as far as Sony v. Universal, with quite a number of interesting (if less well-known) stops along the road. This panel will identify common issues and themes among the “television and radio” cases so as to contemplate not (or not just) the potential outcomes of particular disputes but the long-term trajectory of this area of litigation, and to project where it is all headed.
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Speaker(s): David Leichtman, Fritz Attaway, Kelly M. Klaus
Moderator(s): Eleanor M. Lackman
Keywords: Contributory, Display Right, Distribution Right, Fair Use, Inducement, Infringement, Internet|Online, Litigation, Performance Rights, Radio, Television, Vicarious Liability