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Session Name: Current Developments in Criminal Copyright Enforcement
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/11/13
Description: This panel, comprised of leading outside counsel, in-house counsel and regulators who deal regularly with criminal cybercrime laws, will cover a range of issues, such as: 1) Recent criminal prosecutions brought against individual defendants in criminal copyright cases; 2) Emerging trends and tradecraft in IP crimes; 3) Criminal seizures of website domain names used to facilitate copyright infringement; 4) International law enforcement and cooperation; 5) How to work successfully with domestic and foreign law enforcement to maximize results; and 6) Proposals for legislative reform in a post SOPA and PIPA world.
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Speaker(s): David Szuchman, Ed McCoyd, Paul Doda
Moderator(s): Joseph DeMarco
Keywords: Criminal Enforcement, Enforcement, File Sharing, Infringement, International Issues, Internet|Online, Legislation