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Session Name: Game On! Videogame Clones and Killer IP
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 03/22/13
Description: New York Chapter: The explosive development of interactive video games playable on a variety of platforms has been accompanied by a recent flurry of groundbreaking court decisions affecting video game producers as well as IP owners whose characters, stories and music may find their way into videogames with or without permission. Our panel of experts will examine the principles set forth in those decisions, as well as the issues raised by game cloning and player-created avatars, in the context of a hypothetical video game from development through MMO expansion.
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Speaker(s): Brian Pyne, Emilio B. Nicolas, Monica Corton
Moderator(s): Stacy Allen
Keywords: Fair Use, Infringement, Jurisdiction, Licensing, Merger Doctrine, Mobile Apps, Music, Right of Publicity, Rights Clearance, Scenes a Faire, Substantial Similarity, Video Games