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Session Name: Enter the Third Dimension (Whether You Like It or Not): The Practical and Legal Ramifications of 3D Printing
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/16/12
Description: New York Chapter: 3D printing, a technological development which may ultimately permit local and even personal on-demand automated manufacturing of goods, has the potential to drastically alter long-standing norms of manufacturing, transportation, and even consumer demand. Is such a potentially disruptive development a net positive or negative? What will be its ultimate consequences, intended or unintended? And how will the law handle—for good or ill—these developments in coming years? Because the technology involvd is so new and not yet widespread, we will begin this session with a brief overview of the technology from one of its leading manufacturers. After that, our esteemed panelists will discuss some of the legal- and business-related queries that are sure to to arise as 3D printing grows in popularity.
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Speaker(s): George Gottlieb, Robert Schouwenburg, Robert W. Clarida
Keywords: 3D Printing