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Session Name: EBOOKS: Kindling for a New Era of Book Publishing
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 02/22/11
Description: New York Chapter Young Professionals Event: In 2010, Amazon sold more than 8 million Kindles. Though they undoubtedly have the largest piece of the ebook pie, Amazon's staggering sales are not unique. The success of Barnes and Noble's Nook, Sony's Reader and Apple's iPad have all proven that this new market is here to stay. However, with new markets come new challenges. How best to navigate book deals in the ebook world? What special considerations need to be taken into account that are not at issue in traditional book deals? What does this new technology mean for publishers, authors, and consumers? This accomplished and diverse panel will attempt to address these hot issues.
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Speaker(s): Mark L. Levine, Mark S. Seidenfeld, Richard Nash
Moderator(s): Arthur Klebanoff
Keywords: Authorship, E-books, Publishing, Royalties