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Session Name: Basic Ethics for the Negotiating Lawyer
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 09/24/12
Description: New York Chapter: As with all negotiations, in negotiations involving copyright interests, one side may know more than it wishes to disclose to the other side. Dealmakers and litigators alike need to know the sometimes-shifting lines between a lawful “bluff” and an ethical impropriety. We are honored to present a distinguished and experienced speaker on this topic, David Rabinowitz, partner at Moses & Singer, longstanding member of the Copyright Society and a frequent speaker on issues relating to attorney ethics. Mr. Rabinowitz, making ample use of practical, real world hypotheticals, will cover, among other topics: Candor and deceit; Communication with adverse clients; Cross-border negotiations; and Application of rules in actual cases.
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Speaker(s): David Rabinowitz
Keywords: Ethics