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Session Name: Fan Wars: Copyright vs. Mash-ups and Fan Fiction
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 02/24/10
Description: Many mash-up artists seem unaware that their work implicates any rights at all, and copyright owners may be reluctant to alienate fans with copyright restrictions. Artists such as Girl Talk remain outspoken against copyright restrictions on mash-up culture. Individual copyright owners, such as the owners of Star Wars, have adopted terms of use for mash-ups. Is fan and other mash-up activity important to enrich our culture? Are existing allowances for fair use adequate? Should mash-up artists and fan fiction publishers have any right (legal or moral) to complain when others copy and redistribute their work? What is a copyright owner or licensee to do when it has contractual obligations to third parties in connection with their contributions? How should these issues be resolved?
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Speaker(s): Marty Schwimmer, Shaka McGlotten, Sonia Katyal
Moderator(s): Jay Kogan
Keywords: Copyrightability, Derivative Works, First Amendment, Pictorial, Sampling