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Session Name: The Rules, They are A-Changin'
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 09/23/09
Description: Yes, every time we feel confident we have mastered the nuances of the ethical rules . . . they change them. It's no April Fool's joke -- on April 1, 2009, after nearly a quarter of a century, New York adopted the format of the ABA's Model Rules, abandoning the Model Code we all knew and loved so well. How do these changes affect us, and what do we need to know? Our panel will give us a cheat sheet (so to speak) on our new duties to prospective clients, considerations in client conflict checks, exceptions to confidentiality, restrictions on business transactions with clients, and more!
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Speaker(s): Devika Kewalramani, Gary D. Sesser
Moderator(s): Rose Auslander
Keywords: Ethics