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Session Name: Google Books: Stay in Class or Check Out of the Library?
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 08/12/09
Description: The September 4 opt-out deadline for the proposed Google Books Settlement is fast approaching. Should affected parties silently join in, file objections, or opt out? If you or your clients are still on the fence, mark August 12 on your calendar, and decide after hearing from our panel of experts. Some believe the proposed settlement may offer substantial public benefits by opening up access to orphaned works and providing a new, clean channel for book distribution -- and that they themselves will benefit from that distribution. Others worry that the proposal could grant Google unwelcome control over the distribution of their works -- that it could place Google in a position to exercise monopoly power over substantial segments of the book market, able to impose unfair terms on consumers, libraries, and potentially even copyright owners. Others wonder about the settlement's international reach. Finally, there are those who have raised concerns about the process, and whether what would historically have been implemented by legislation should be effected through a class-action settlement. Are these concerns well grounded? If so, can they be remedied without rejecting the settlement out of hand?
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Speaker(s): Allan Adler, James Grimmelmann, Paul Aiken
Keywords: Authorship, Digital Rights, Display Right, Internet|Online, Libraries|Archives, Publishing, Search Engines