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Session Name: Wrapping Your Head Around 360 Deals
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/07/09
Description: New York Chapter Young Professionals Event: Want to do a deal where the record label (or booking agent or promoter) works with the artist on everything and gets a piece of everything—album sales, publishing, merchandise sales and touring? Industry insiders walk you through the deal points—the pitfalls to avoid, versus the prizes to shoot for, how to get them and how to draft the best contract. The discussion will also focus on how 360 deals are affecting the music business as it continues to evolve in the digital age. We will address issues such as fairness to artists, financial viability for labels, the extent to which it will affect how labels develop artists and whether they will result in fewer signed artists.
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Speaker(s): Amaechi Uzoigwe, Elliot Resnik, Rand Levin
Moderator(s): Jeffrey Liebenson
Keywords: Contract, Licensing, Notice, Sound Recordings