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Session Name: The Year of the Widget
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 03/19/09
Description: From the AppStore to Widgets, the extraordinary union of computing power, the Internet, and an array of new software programs is enabling millions, from the entertainment/media giants to the casual consumer, to create their own software applications, movies, art and music and distribute them electronically -- with no need for traditional distribution systems. How does today's convergence of the abilities to access, edit and distribute content -- through exposed feeds, widgets that pick up those feeds, embeds, etc -- mesh with copyright law? Is it fair use or foul? How can legitimate business models be developed and function in these areas? Our distinguished panel will address the copyright issues associated with emerging media services and technologies, from both a business and legal perspective, including the application of the fair use doctrine and the contours of liability for service providers and platforms supporting the new tools of convergence.
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Speaker(s): Alex Ellerson, Kenneth Gersh, Matthew DeFilippis
Moderator(s): Steven Masur
Keywords: Fair Use, Internet|Online, Music, Software