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Session Name: TRIP-ping the Light Bilateral: U.S. Israeli Recording Performance Rights
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 02/23/09
Description: Please join us for a stimulating talk by visiting Israeli practitioner Neil Wilkof, as he flags pitfalls of bi-lateral copyright agreements in a Berne/TRIPS world. The focus will be public performance of recordings -- specifically as played out under the 1950 Bi-Lateral Copyright Agreement between the U.S. and Israel, TRIPS, and Israel's 2007 Copyright Law. The debate over enactment of that 2007 law, and the resulting legislation, provide a rare window into the interplay between international and bi-lateral copyright obligations. Neil will discuss Berne/TRIPS and the Bi-Lateral Agreement, the characteristics of bi-lateral agreements, the historic debate on whether the Berne Convention protects the public performance right of a foreign manufacturer of a sound recording -- and the political and economic background, both in the U.S. and Israel, concerning the public performance right.
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Speaker(s): Neil Wilkof
Keywords: International Issues, Legislation, Performance Rights, Treaties