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Session Name: Snapfu: Picturing the Law on Photographs of Preexisting Works
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 01/14/09
Description: What about photographs, anyway -- do they recast, transform or adapt the objects they depict? In January 2008, the N.D. Illinois held in Schrock that photographs taken of toys for a marketing campaign were derivative of the copyrighted toy. In March 2008, the M.D. Florida held in Latimer that product shots of Kawasaki motorcycles were not derivative works. Earlier decisions in Ets-Hokin (Ninth Circuit) and SHL Imaging (SDNY) were similarly in tension. Our distinguished panel will tell -- and show -- how this area of the law should be harmonized, and how those in the field might proceed in the meantime.
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Speaker(s): Alan Behr, Matthew T. Furton, Nancy E. Wolff
Moderator(s): June Besek
Keywords: Art, Derivative Works, Originality, Photography