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Session Name: Sounding Board: The Latest Copyright Royalty Board Decision
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 10/31/08
Description: Hang onto your headphones notwithstanding Apple's threats to bring down ITUNES if download rates went up, doomsday has been averted, at least momentarily. The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB)s recent rate decision keeps digital download royalties steady for the next five years and accepts the Industry's Proposed Settlement Rates for on demand streaming or limited (i.e. tethered to a subscription service) downloads. For the first time ever, it also includes rates for ringtones. Our distinguished panel will examine the impact of this CRB decision on the key players of the music world: artists, the recording industry, music publishers, BMI and ASCAP, and the user community, including online distributors and consumers as well as how the decision may impact the newest and innovative models of content distribution. And, with CD sales having fallen 20% while digital album sales rose 46% last year, with Apple estimated to have an 85% market share in digital downloads, our experts also will discuss whether a mechanism like the CRB rate decisions has proven to be productive, or whether it is time to turn to a different mechanism.
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Speaker(s): Christos Badavas, Jacqueline Charlesworth, Lee Knife, Peter Zizzo, Richard Conlon, Susan B. Chertkof
Moderator(s): Tim Mandelbaum
Keywords: Royalties