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Session Name: When Good Ethics Go Bad
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 09/12/08
Description: Among other topics in our annual ethics round-up, we look at a few little questions not usually discussed: What if your company files a meritorious copyright claim -- good ethics, right? What if you didn’t need to file the suit, because you know the defendant is willing to work everything out in a settlement acceptable to you -- bad ethics? What if the reason you file the suit anyway is to deter others? For publicity for your company? To help raise venture capital? As an outside lawyer, what if you persuade the client to file the suit -- and your unspoken motive is to benefit your reputation as an outside law firm? Having filed the suit, what if you talk to the press in a way meant to deter other possible infringers? To promote your law firm? What if you advertise your firm as the one who “took on” this hapless defendant?
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Speaker(s): Bruce A. Green, Jay Kogan
Keywords: Ethics