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Session Name: “Hey, I Wrote That!”: Revisiting Joint Authorship
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 05/05/08
Description: Artistic collaborations often present thorny issues under copyright law, in part because, strange to tell, artists engaged in the creative process seldom give much thought to the legal consequences of what they're doing—at least until long after it's done. But is copyright law part of the problem, and are the abstract legal doctrines of ownership, intent and originality ill-suited to deal with the realties of how artists actually produce their works? In the case of sound recordings, which often involve spontaneous, copyrightable contributions from many writers, musicians and technicians, the problems appear repetitive and especially acute. What are the rules that govern creative collaborations and joint authorship? And have the legal consequences of joint authorship been rendered more uncertain by the recent Second Circuit decision in Davis v. Blige? Our panel will delve into a number of recent and controversial decisions involving joint works, and will give us the benefit of their personal litigation experiences and views.
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Speaker(s): Cynthia Arato, David Baum
Moderator(s): Robert W. Clarida
Keywords: Authorship, Joint Works, Ownership, Statute of Limitations