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Session Name: Look Before You Tweet (or Post, or Pin): Copyright Enforcement (or Not) in Social Media
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 01/22/13
Description: New York Chapter: This panel examines the copyright issues cropping up around social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. For example, what are the implications for owner, poster and site for inclusion of copyrighted works on a social media site? When does it make business sense for a copyright owner to take action? How does a copyright owner or user go about creating policies and navigating various terms of service on an ever-growing number of social media sites? And how do these social media sites take licenses for and otherwise approach copyrighted content posted on their sites? Our panel of experts provides an overview of some of the most popular social media outlets, before discussing current business and legal practices in this rapidly evolving area.
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Speaker(s): Heidi Garfield, Jeanne Hamburg, Sacha Tarrant
Moderator(s): Eleanor M. Lackman
Keywords: Internet|Online, Licensing, Social Media