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Session Name: Ethics for the Busy (Possibly Too Busy?) Lawyer
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 12/10/13
Description: New York Chapter: In today’s economy, lawyers in the copyright and content industries are assuming more non-traditional legal roles and wearing multiple hats. The lines we once knew are blurring. Can lawyers ethically provide both legal and business services? When, where, and how can the “practice” and the “business” of law connect? Ethics expert Pery Krinsky explores real world examples and interactive hypotheticals to address practical topics in copyright practice, such as potential conflicts in representing more than one co-author in negotiating and drafting a co-authorship agreement; and taking a percentage of ownership or royalties in a client’s copyright in lieu of full payment.
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Speaker(s): Pery D. Krinsky
Keywords: Attorney Fees, Authorship, Contract, Ethics, Ownership, Royalties