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Session Name: U.S. Copyright Office's Report On Copyright Small Claims: Some Big Thoughts about Small Cases
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 11/18/13
Description: New York Chapter Brown Bag Lunch: In September 2013, the Register of Copyrights released a congressionally directed report on Copyright Small Claims. The report focused on the difficulties of making a copyright claim in federal courts and the many complexities raised by the current process. The U.S. Copyright Office conducted four days of public hearings and received many written comments from individuals and interested groups in researching this issue. Considerations in the 200-plus page report include the constitutional constraints and procedural concerns facing copyright small claims, as well as the type of claims that may be eligible for alternative treatment. The panel discusses the legal issues prompting the report and its recommendations.
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Speaker(s): Charles J. Sanders, Jacqueline Charlesworth, Nancy E. Wolff
Moderator(s): Mary Rasenberger
Keywords: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Enforcement, Federal Procedure, Infringement, Jurisdiction, Legislation, Litigation, Remedies, Subject Matter Jurisdiction