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Session Name: International Developments in Copyright Law: An Update
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 03/12/13
Description: New York Chapter: An around-the-world look at the latest international developments in the world of copyright with a panel comprising some of the world’s leading experts. Topics include an update and discussion of the implications of the new and/or forthcoming WIPO treaties, including the latest Audiovisual Treaty, the proposed Performers’ Treaty, and the proposed treaty for exceptions for the visually impaired; worldwide developments for treatment of orphan works; and worldwide measures to curb online infringement, including newer forms of infringement in the cloud.
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Speaker(s): Daniel Gervais, Karen Temple Claggett, Shira Perlmutter
Moderator(s): Jane Ginsburg
Keywords: Infringement, International Issues, Internet|Online, Orphan Works, Performance Rights, Treaties