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Session Name: Books and Bytes: A Discussion of The Authors Guild v. HathiTrust with the Attorneys and Parties Directly Involved
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/11/13
Description: One of the most significant copyright cases now pending is The Authors Guild, Inc. et al. v. HathiTrust, et al., currently on appeal to the Second Circuit after the Southern District of New York awarded summary judgment to Defendants on fair-use grounds in October 2012. This case tests the legality of the HathiTrust Digital Library, a collaboration of digitized works from more than 60 colleges, universities and other nonprofit institutions, and the applicability (if any) of Sections 107, 108, and 121 of the Copyright Act. Also involved are related issues regarding associational standing and the ripeness of claims concerning Defendantsí presently suspended Orphan Works Project. In this extraordinary panel, the attorneys and parties directly involved in this pending lawsuit will review the procedural history of the lawsuit, its factual background, and the legal arguments each side has made.
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Speaker(s): Edward H. Rosenthal, Jack Bernard, Jan Constantine, Joseph Petersen
Moderator(s): Marybeth Peters
Keywords: Fair Use, Infringement, Litigation, Orphan Works, Publishing, Standing