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Session Name: Life of a Creative Project: Collaboration from Concept to Copyright

MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/04/11
Description: Assessing and allocating the rights and risks at the inception of a creative production is an art unto itself. The more informed the lawyer is about the client's creative journey, the better to evaluate opportunities for copyright protection, licensing and branding. Talent and lawyers who work daily on such projects joined this panel to explore how copyright lawyers at the formative stage of creations can play a positive, constructive forward-going role in realizing projects, from "pitch" to performance.
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Speaker(s): Donald Rubinstein, LeAnn Shelton, Lisa Strout, Nancy Laflin, Richard J. Idell
Moderator(s): Alexandra Darraby
Keywords: Art, Contract, Defenses, Infringement, Joint Works, Licensing