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Session Name: Copyright: What Is It Good for? Open Source, Social Media, and the Role of Copyright

MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/05/11
Description: The ready availability of sophisticated technology to the general public has dramatically changed the IP landscape. In a world where participation and sharing are as valued (if not more so) as creation and ownership, concepts like author and copyright are increasingly being perceived by many users as quaint but dated concepts. Open source software and social media have come to thrive in this environment and touch almost every one of us daily, and content owners are coming to terms with how best to approach, embrace, or fight this phenomena. This panel explores what a new metaphysics of copyright might look like, in order to have increased relevance in this new world, from a variety of owner/user/aggregator/enabler perspectives.
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Speaker(s): Brewster Kahle, Dean Marks, Gabe Holloway, Kate Spelman, Marybeth Peters
Moderator(s): Steve Tapia
Keywords: Internet|Online, Licensing, Software