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Session Name: Hot-Blooded: The Debate Over Sound Recordings as Works Made for Hire
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/06/11
Description: This panel considers whether sound recordings should be treated as works made for hire absent an employer/employee relationship, a contentious issue even in the wake of Congress's repeal a decade ago of the short-lived inclusion of "sound recordings" among the works eligible for special "work made for hire" status. This topic has significant implications, particularly as to whether recording artists' transfers of copyright to their labels are eligible for termination. If so, the rights to popular hits from the late 1970s may soon be subject to reclamation by the artists who recorded them. The panelists address the views of the recording industry and the opposing position of recording artists.
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Speaker(s): Andrew H. Bart, Joel Schoenfeld, Lisa A. Alter
Moderator(s): James A. Trigg
Keywords: Sound Recordings, Termination of Rights, Works Made for Hire