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Session Name: If I Ran the Zoo: Probing the Contours of “The Next Great Copyright Act”
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 03/26/14
Description: NY Chapter: In 2013, Register Maria Pallante ignited the imagination of the copyright world with her address, “The Next Great Copyright Act.” Each of us must have thought that, after the polarization of the past few decades, a new Act could finally set everything right. However, while Register Pallante outlined several areas for potential review, each of us undoubtedly has his or her own ideas of what a new copyright act should be. And those ideas are not necessarily aligned. This panel, featuring a diverse body of viewpoints, begins to probe the contours of what a future copyright act might look like. We ask our panelists what they would do if they “ran the zoo” in the hopes of discovering where there might be points of consensus, and intractable strife, and, perhaps, space for deeper exploration.
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Speaker(s): Allan Adler, Michael Weinberg, Victor Perlman
Moderator(s): Robert J. Kasunic
Keywords: DMCA, Fair Use, Ideas, Legislation, Orphan Works, Photography, Registration