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Session Name: How to Make Money in the Cloud -- Creative New Business Paradigms on the Internet
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/06/10
Description: The Internet doesn't just present challenges for copyright owners, it also presents tremendous opportunity. Across industries, various parties are finding ways to take legal commercial advantage of the technological and artistic evolution spurred by the Internet. This panel brings together representatives from across the spectrum of interests -- content owners, distributors, and users -- for a discussion of cutting-edge business models for monetization of copyright on the Internet.
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Speaker(s): David Rosenberg, Kevin Saul, Richard Conlon, Sandra Aistars, Scott Martin
Moderator(s): Ian L. Saffer
Keywords: Cloud, Illegal Downloading, Mobile Apps, Performance Rights, Photography, Royalties, Secondary Liability, Sound Recordings, Vicarious Liability