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Session Name: Crowd-Sourced Editorial Content and Fan Productions
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/09/14
Description: The panel explores new business models that have arisen that allow IP owners to profit from crowd- (or fan-) sourced content while more fully engaging their fans and expanding their audience of consumers. Each panelist focuses on a particular entertainment industry. Art Neill of New Media Rights explores film and video production, including the impact of YouTube’s Partnership and Content ID/monetization programs, Gregory Boyd of Frankfurt Kurnit focuses on videogames and machinima, and Matt Bloomgarden of Alloy Entertainment discusses publishing projects such as Amazon’s KindleWorld. The panel also examines other online businesses that seek to leverage fan interest in generating new content in ways that offer benefits to both the IP owners and the fans. Finally, the panelists discuss copyright and other legal issues that these new business models present as well as challenges that IP owners face from the growth of user-generated content featuring their properties without their involvement or consent.
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Speaker(s): Art Neill, Matthew Bloomgarden, S. Gregory Boyd
Moderator(s): Jay Kogan
Keywords: Computer Works, Digital Rights, DMCA, File Sharing, Illegal Downloading, Internet|Online, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Television, Video Games