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Session Name: Show Me the Money: The Essentials of Valuation of Copyrights in Transactions & Litigation
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/24/14
Description: NY Chapter: From demand letters to lawsuits, and from licensing to acquisitions, determining the value of copyright rights can be important yet unclear. On April 24, two seasoned valuation experts, led by an attorney moderator, will discuss and explain the basics of what any practitioner needs to know. The program will focus on real-world examples including a music infringement litigation and an acquisition in the book publishing industry and will cover the ways in which an expert measures injury to the value of copyrightable assets by infringement, the relationship between actual and statutory damages, and valuation of copyright assets or groups of assets. The panel will also discuss valuation in the context of digital media and new technologies. And of course, we will leave time for the panel to answer your questions about figuring out what a copyright claim or asset is worth.
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Speaker(s): Barry M. Massarsky, Michael H. Dolan
Moderator(s): David M. Rabinowitz
Keywords: Damages, Infringement, Music, Publishing