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Session Name: Fair Compensation or a Pandora’s Box? Pre-1972 Sound Recordings & Streaming Radio
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 12/11/14
Description: New York Chapter: This panel looks at common law copyright and pre-1972 sound recordings.  The program focuses on the legal framework and issues involved in the recent lawsuits involving royalties for webcasting of pre-1972 sound recordings. After providing a background of the key issues, the panel discusses the potential practical impacts of affirmance or reversal of the recent Flo & Eddie decision, as well as whether the state-based issue of common law copyright for pre-1972 recordings is a matter that should be resolved at the federal level.
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Speaker(s): Gianni Servodidio, Tucker McCrady
Moderator(s): June Besek
Keywords: Copyrightability, Digital Rights, DMCA, Infringement, Music, Ownership, Performance Rights, Pre-1972 Sound Recordings, Radio, Restoration, Royalties, Secondary Liability, Sound Recordings, Streaming