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Session Name: Designing a Greater System of Protection for Fashion: The Future of Fashion Law
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 02/19/15
Description: New York Chapter: Our panel of prominent New York practitioners and academics explores the protections currently available to the fashion industry, recent developments in copyright, trademark, design patent, trade dress, and utility patent law, the need for further protection and potential forms for providing it, contrasting American and European approaches to fashion law, and whether European models offer a good alternative to existing protections. Cosponsored by New York University Law School’s Media Law Collaborative.
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Speaker(s): Charles Colman, Guillermo Jimenez, Marc Misthal, Rayna S. Lopyan, Theodore Max
Moderator(s): Barbara Kolsun
Keywords: Art, Defenses, Exclusive Rights, Fashion, International Issues, Licensing, Useful Article, Visual Artists Rights Act