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Session Name: Preservation of Sound Recordings and Film Materials
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/14/15
Description: Preservation of Sound Recordings and Film Materials: In recent years, two Library of Congress advisory boards have produced landmark studies on issues (including copyright law) pertaining to the preservation and access of recorded sound and film materials. Regarding preservation and access, public (and private) libraries, archives, museums and collectors of culturally and historically important materials are underfunded and overwhelmed by technical and funding issues that make retention of materials, (digital) copying and cataloging of them, much less making them available in accordance with copyright laws, very challenging. One Library of Congress study found that only 14% of all commercially issued recordings prior to 1964 are legally available in the U.S. in any format or mode of distribution; another found that less than half of the feature films produced before the middle of the last century survive at all. This panel will discuss and demonstrate some archival successes and challenges, and will discuss the ways in which fair use, library and archival uses (section 108), and copyright rights and duration impact preservation and access issues.
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Speaker(s): George Massenburg
Moderator(s): Eric J. Schwartz
Keywords: Access, Film, Legislation, Legislative Implementation, Libraries|Archives, Library of Congress, Sound Recordings