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Session Name: Copyright Reform Without Reforming the Copyright Act?
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/14/15
Description: As we work through copyright reform, are there steps now we can take to “reform” without reform? The Panel discusses this concept, drawing on the discussions from the conference. Two examples will be the term of copyright and fair use, but the Panel is interactive with the audience to come up with areas of copyright law that might be “reformed” without legislation. The Panel uses duration as a starting off point: a statutorily, fixed point. In many ways, the terms of copyright have caused a great deal of fuss in our system, and this panel will look to understand what role “duration” could play in reforming copyright. Taking the Register’s lead, this paper suggest solutions that already exist within the 1976 Copyright Act, and with a few modifications, including the adoption of the Rule of the Shorter term, the length of copyright could be mitigated in many situations where the copyright owner has long disappeared or where no commercial interest exists, while at the same time protecting content owners interested in maximizing the economic benefits of the current term. The panel also discusses the Tulane Law School, Durationator Copyright Project in which the laws of every country in the world were researched to understand the copyright history scope, duration and foreign relations. The panel will also use fair use as an example of unfixedness in the system, discussing recent decisions. The conversation will be broadened to include the role of contracts and economics in “reform,” and will incorporate audience participation in the discussions.
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Speaker(s): Brandon Butler, Guy Rub
Moderator(s): Elizabeth Townsend Gard
Keywords: Copyright Office, Exclusive Rights, Fair Use, Formalities, Ideas, Illegal Downloading, Infringement, Jurisdiction, Notice, Subject Matter Jurisdiction