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Session Name: Old Agreements + New Media = Big Issues?
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/22/15
Description: For decades, ASCAP and BMI have been subject to antitrust consent decrees with the Department of Justice, which include restrictions on the ways in which these Performing Rights Organizations can and can’t issue licenses and a framework on how disputes over royalty rates are to be resolved. Recent rulings in the “rate courts” have addressed the ability of publishers to withdraw their performing rights for certain digital uses, with different results coming out of the separate ASCAP and BMI proceedings. With these developments leading to headaches for licensors and licensees alike, everyone is starting to ask whether the consent decrees and rate court procedures themselves should be overhauled. Last year, the DOJ opened both consent decrees for review, asking important questions about their relevance and effectiveness. Our panel of experts discussed the key considerations around publisher withdrawals, rate court rulings and the impact and future of the consent decrees.
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Speaker(s): Kenneth Steinthal, Richard Reimer, Stuart Rosen
Moderator(s): Jacqueline Charlesworth
Keywords: Consent Decrees, Licensing, Music, Performance Rights, Royalties