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Session Name: Say What? The Newly Cooperative Online Landscape
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/09/15
Description: As copyright law abuts business models in the digital space, new business models are emerging that showcase - yes - a new new kind of cooperation, bringing all involved a win-win harvest from digital growth. Disputes between copyright owners and digital services has begun to seem inevitable, with litigation over everything from mass digitization of books, to searchable databases of television programs, to distribution of animated GIFs. What is driving today's cooperation - adjusting perceptions? Or are those involved in creating digital models putting further thought into how works are exploited? This panel explore models in the digital environment, with a view towards unpacking the elements that seem to be the force behind these thriving new models.
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Speaker(s): Kate Spelman, Mark Little, Ryan Merkley, Shirin Keen
Moderator(s): Jordan Gimbel
Keywords: Creative Commons, File Sharing, Internet|Online