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Session Name: Blurred Lines & Bright Lines: Copyright Lessons from the Blurred Lines Trial
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 07/08/15
Description: Midwest Chapter: When does music “inspired by” another work infringe copyright? How should you advise music clients in the wake of the Blurred Lines decision? Will Blurred Lines stifle creativity or promote it? The controversial $7.3 million jury verdict in favor of the Marvin Gaye estate in the Blurred Lines litigation raises important questions about creating and performing music, and the scope of copyright. Lawyers for the Creative Arts and the Midwest Chapter of the Copyright Society of the USA have assembled a panel of legal and musical experts to address these questions.Our expert panelists discuss the basics and intricacies of copyright protection of musical compositions, and when a musical performance or recording infringes copyright. They review the District Court’s rulings in Blurred Lines and discuss their implications for musical creativity.
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Speaker(s): Barry F. Irwin, Judith Finell, Margit Livingston, Peter J. Strand
Moderator(s): Robert J. Labate
Keywords: Attorney Fees, Infringement, Music