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Session Name: 2016 Copyright & Technology Conference - Incorporating Piracy Data into Everyday Business
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 01/19/16
Description: Beyond copyright compliance enforcement, piracy data offers a view into the demand for a digital product without consideration for difficult topics such as licensing arrangements or price sensitivity. P2P is a popular mechanism for sharing of digital content, becoming more important with BitTorrent browsers like Popcorn Time. With many of the same attributes as sales data, piracy data offers a glimpse into the demand for content in an area where the price is free. Whether it is understanding the drivers of demand or closing distribution loopholes, digital content owners have been using piracy data in a variety of forms. In this session you will see examples for how piracy data is mapped to more traditional metrics and used by content owners as a way of recapturing revenue lost to piracy.
Program Details
Speaker(s): Nathan West
Keywords: Content Creation, Content Distribution, Enforcement, File Sharing, Illegal Downloading, Infringement, Internet|Online