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Session Name: 2016 Copyright & Technology Conference - From Takedown to Staydown
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 01/19/16
Description: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is based on the idea of “notice and takedown,” in which service providers can remove allegedly infringing material to avoid copyright liability. Copyright owners have become frustrated at the need to play “Whac-a-Mole” games when their content is repeatedly reposted after they send takedown notices. Is it possible that when a copyright owner asks for material to be taken down, there’s a way to ensure that it stays down? Discussions of “notice and staydown” need to consider the effectiveness of technologies and processes that purport to solve the problem, as well as the relative burdens that they place on service provider and copyright owners alike. The experts on our panel will tackle these issues and discuss whether sensible solutions are available.
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Speaker(s): Devlin Hartline, Howie Singer, Matt Schruers, Vance Ikezoye
Moderator(s): John Delaney
Keywords: DMCA, Infringement, Internet Service Providers, Notice and Takedown, Section 512