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Session Name: The Ownership of Copyrightable Contributions in the Wake of Garcia v. Google and 16 Casa Duse v. Merkin
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/12/16
Description: The Second and Ninth Circuits have both recently held that an actor or a director may not, in the normal course, own a copyright to their individual contributions to an integrated work of authorship like a film. This panel explores whether these decisions were correct and what real-world impact they might have on the motion picture industry and on contributions to integrated works.
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Speaker(s): Christopher Newman, Danielle Van Lier, Eleanor M. Lackman, F. Jay Dougherty
Moderator(s): Justin Hughes
Keywords: Attribution, Authorship, Collaborative Works, Contract, Dramatic Work, Federal Procedure, Film, Fixation, Ideas, Joint Works, Licensing, Ownership, Performance Rights, Privacy, Right of Publicity, Works Made for Hire