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Session Name: Student and Practitioner Viewpoints: A Dual Perspective Look at Recent Copyright Cases
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/12/16
Description: This ôreverse mentoring
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Speaker(s): Ben Sheffner, Benjamin L Vanasse, Danielle Van Lier, Mary Rasenberger, Nancy E. Wolff, Terrica Carrington, Tomi Suzuki
Moderator(s): Glynn S. Lunney, Latisha Mais
Keywords: Appropriation Art, Art, Attribution, Content Creation, Content Distribution, Contract, Contributory, Copyrightability, Derivative Works, DMCA, E-books, Expression, Fair Use, Inducement, Infringement, Journalism, Licensing, Litigation, Mobile Apps, Notice and Takedown, Originality, Ownership, Photography, Publishing, Rights Clearance, Sampling, Secondary Liability, Social Media, Sound Recordings, Streaming, Substantial Similarity, Terms of Service, Transformativeness, Universities, Vicarious Liability