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Session Name: The Times They Are A-Changin’: 3D Printing and Digital Video in the Age of Body Cams and Periscope
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/13/16
Description: The means by which we can produce and distribute content is undergoing perhaps the most radical series of changes since the introduction of the printing press. Ubiquitous and extremely powerful smartphones allow each of us to set up our own live video streaming channel, while 3D printers allow for the reproduction of physical works at the press of the button. This panel covers concerns arising from these new technologies and how copyright owners can enforce their copyrights in this rapidly evolving landscape.
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Speaker(s): Dennis L Wilson, John Knapp, John Tehranian
Moderator(s): Jack Bernard
Keywords: 3D Printing, Broadcasting, Censorship, Content Distribution, Computer Works, Computer-Generated Content, Copyrightability, Design Constraints, Design Patents, Digital Rights, Display Right, DMCA, File Sharing, Fixation, Formalities, Inducement, Infringement, Internet|Online, Internet Service Providers, Journalism, Jurisdiction, Licensing, Mobile Apps, Online Platforms, Patents, Performance Rights, Royalties, Scope of Protection, Secondary Liability, Separability, Software, Streaming, Useful Article