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Session Name: Maybe Not Fair Use? Maybe Not a Problem: The Many (Other) Defenses Against Copyright Infringement
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 11/19/15
Description: The fair use defense has received a lot of press and attention in recent years, but there are many other significant legal defenses available to those accused of infringement. Put together by the CSUSA New York Chapter, this panel features Nick Bartelt, Richard Dannay and Nancy J. Mertzel who will discuss both the basic fundamentals and latest developments of defenses such as laches, abandonment, statute of limitations, lack of standing, and pre-emption.
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Speaker(s): Nancy Mertzel, Nick Bartelt, Richard Dannay
Keywords: Computer Works, Damages, Defenses, Ideas, Infringement, Merger Doctrine, Ownership, Remedies, Scenes a Faire, Software, Standing, Statute of Limitations