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Session Name: The 25th Anniversary of Feist: A Discussion of Copyrightable Subject Matter and Copyright Registration Practice
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 04/06/16
Description: The United States Supreme Court decision Feist Publications, Inc. v. Rural Telephone Service Co. made clear that originality is a constitutional requirement for copyrightability and therefore registerability. At this symposium cosponored by the Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property and our DC Chapter, Robert J. Kasunic discusses copyright registration practice and the clarifying role that the newly released Third Edition of the Compendium of Copyright Office Practices plays in articulating the legal limits on copyrightable subject matter. Subsequent panels will examine specialized topics in copyright law and registration policy, including a focus on software and a discussion of useful articles and copyright at the edges of developed law.
Program Details
Speaker(s): Christopher A. Mohr, Rebecca Tushnet, Robert J. Kasunic, Terry Illardi, Thomas Kjellberg
Moderator(s): Michael Carroll, Peter Jaszi
Keywords: Copyrightability, Copyright Office, Fashion, Originality, Registration, Software