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Session Name: Universities and Copyright: A View from the Ivory Trenches
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/14/16
Description: Universities are both major producers and major consumers of copyrighted works. As such, they deal on a daily basis with important issues of copyright compliance, fair use, and author-publisher relationships, and they are in the forefront of the open access and open source movements. A panel of university in-house counsel who advise their institutions on copyright law matters will discuss issues relating to the academic community, such as the workings of open courseware and massive open online courses (MOOCs), fair use best practice codes, open access to scholarly articles, digitization of works from library collections, and the recent district court opinion in Cambridge University Press v. Becker (the Georgia State case).
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Speaker(s): Jaren D. (Jay) Wilcoxson, Jonathan H. Hulbert, Melissa Smith Levine
Moderator(s): William S. Strong
Keywords: Access, Fair Use, Libraries|Archives, Licensing, Public Domain, Publishing, Universities