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Session Name: The Ever-Increasing Creep of Privacy into the World of Copyright and Content Users and Owners
MeetingType: Annual Meeting
Date: 06/14/16
Description: The convergence of technology and media has prompted the development of new tools to collect, process, store and use consumer data to improve consumer experiences. Today, the use of data combined with Internet and mobile technology can result in offers to individuals that are highly relevant, delivered at the right time and at the right place. However, these tools create a wide range of compliance risk and liability issues. They also raise the stakes for protecting data in increasingly challenging risk environments, ranging from internal vulnerabilities to criminal cyberattacks and other persistent threats. Legislators, regulators and the courts both in the U.S. and in international jurisdictions are developing new law and compliance obligations to address the privacy and security implications of the expanding information economy. This panel will focus on these privacy law developments with the goal of keeping IP attorneys up-to-date in this complex and dynamic area of law.
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Speaker(s): Nancy C. Libin, Pauline Wen, Shaundra L. Watson
Moderator(s): Michele Woods
Keywords: Aggregation, European Union, Internet|Online, Privacy