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Session Name: 2016 Copyright & Technology Conference - Pleasures of the Harbor: DMCA Safe Harbor Eligibility
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 01/19/16
Description: Although the DMCA has been law for over a decade and a half, legal requirements around service providersí eligibility for the safe harbors remain unclear in various respects. Recent cases hold the promise of further clarity in certain areas, such as willful blindness, repeat infringer termination policies, and others. On this panel, we discuss the body of opinions that the courts have left us so far in helping to inform service providersí operating policies, the ambiguities and risks that remain, and the prospects that future developments will make the water clearer rather than muddier.
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Speaker(s): Erin Ranahan, Hillel Parness, Joseph DeMarco
Moderator(s): Matthew Barblan
Keywords: DMCA, DRM, Infringement, Internet|Online, Internet Service Providers, Online Platforms