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Session Name: Singled Out: Does Copyright Law Treat Music Differently?
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 09/21/16
Description: Music is one of the mostly frequently litigated areas in the copyright world, and this past year was no exception. Several recent and highly publicized cases, however, have raised the question of whether copyright law (or at least judges and jurors) sometimes treat music a little differently than other media. For example, the Ninth Circuit only very recently deviated from the Sixth Circuit’s decade-old decision holding that the de minimis rule, largely accepted across most creative media, does not apply to music recordings. And the jury decision in the Blurred Lines case suggests that actual copying is not required to find infringement in music, so long as the “groove” is sufficiently similar. There have also been recent rulings regarding some of the most famous copyrighted songs of all time, one of which was found actually to be public domain.
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Speaker(s): Lawrence Ferrara, Richard Busch
Moderator(s): Jacqueline Charlesworth
Keywords: Infringement, Music, Pre-1972 Sound Recordings, Recordation, Sound Recordings, Substantial Similarity