CSUSA Media Library: Session Details

Session Name: Strategic Options When Prosecuting or Defending Copyright Litigation and When Navigating the Fair Use Quagmire
MeetingType: Mid-Winter Meeting
Date: 02/10/17
Description: The Internet continues to generate a significant amount of copyright litigation. Some of these cases raise cutting edge issues concerning infringement, the boundaries of fair use, safe harbor protection, and damages. There are also a growing number of garden variety cases where the demand for substantial compensation makes those cases difficult to resolve quickly. If you are a plaintiff with a meritorious claim, how can you prudently prosecute your case with a limited budget? If you are a defendant facing massive exposure or responding to an unrealistic demand, how can you effectively defend the case? Further, when prosecuting or defending what techniques and strategies might bring the case to an early resolution? Finally, when fair use issues are involved, how should the respective parties be guided? Those are some of the issues the panel will discuss and debate in an interactive dialogue with Mid-Winter attendees. Please join us.