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Session Name: Importing Fair Use: The Israeli Experience
MeetingType: Chapter Meeting
Date: 06/04/17
Description: Israel’s copyright law has evolved as a synthesis of UK, US, and European copyright law. In 2008, Israel became one of only a few countries to adopt the US fair use doctrine as part of its domestic law. In the Israeli context, fair use now exists alongside other foreign influences, such as moral rights. This has created the need for an original application of the doctrine and has had a profound effect on copyright practice, offering food for thought for international copyright practitioners and scholars and other countries considering adoption of the doctrine. Join Tony Greenman, one of Israel’s preeminent IP and entertainment lawyers and the author of Israel’s leading treatise on copyright law, in a fascinating discussion of this unusual collision of copyright cultures.
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Speaker(s): Tony Greenman
Moderator(s): Casey Chisick
Keywords: International Issues