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Session Name: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Software Protection in the Post-Alice Era
MeetingType: Special Event
Date: 01/16/18
Description: The Supreme Court’s landmark 2014 decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank sent a shockwave through the software landscape by limiting the power of patents to protect software. Since then, software companies have been relying more on copyrights to protect their intellectual property, and cases like Oracle v. Google have tested the limits of that protection. We’ll discuss the state of copyright law as a means of protecting software; the roles of open source, fair use, and the scenes a faire doctrine; and the path forward for software as protectable intellectual property.
Course Materials
Speaker(s): Barry Werbin, David Leichtman, David Leichtman, John Lunseth, Joshua Simmons
Moderator(s): , Nicholas Bartelt
Keywords: Copyrightability, Open Sources, Patents, Scope of Protection, Scenes a Faire